Department of German

College of Letters & Science

Graduate Student Organization

The German and Dutch Graduate Student Association (GDGSA) is a registered student organization of the university, and membership includes all current graduate students in the Department of German. The goals of the GDGSA are: (1) to serve as a communicative link between graduate students and faculty of the Department of German, (2) to provide graduate students with opportunities for professional development and service opportunities, (3) to foster a productive and professional working environment through open discussions at monthly meetings, (4) to organize social events to encourage friendly and supportive atmosphere among its members, and (5) to serve as an outreach organization for German and Dutch language and culture.

The functions of the GDGSA are largely carried out through the work of committees, for which chairs are elected annually. Committees work closely with faculty regarding decisions about the undergraduate and graduate programs. Additionally, the GDGSA organizes its own events on topics of interest to graduate students in the department as well as an annual graduate student conference. General GDGSA meetings include updates from committees and facilitate an exchange of information and ideas related to all areas of the program, including courses, workshops, and funding. 

New graduate students are encouraged to attend the first meeting of the semester in order to meet the rest of the graduate students and to begin active participation in the graduate student community. You are welcome to learn more about the structure of our organization and read the GDGSA Charter. Current students can connect with us on the Wisconsin Involvement Network. Prospective graduate students are encouraged to contact the members of our Recruitment and Orientation Committee: Brandy Wilcox and Julia Ruck.